January 27, 2016

Managed Services Provider

Our managed services offer the same coverages as our maintenance services, however, they include one more thing: The hardware! Hardware is included on all managed services (except servers). That means not only is the software and maintenance side covered, the physical components are covered against failure as well. Even more important that; we keep system components in stock to cover all of our managed hardware. There are no wait times for shipping/handling; no costs to replace failed hardware; no costs (labor or otherwise) to the customer on managed hardware.

The above services are nice, however, one of the biggest selling factor of our managed services program is the no up front cost to you. Since we use hardware classifications that are directly compatible with each of our product lines we can easily repair, replace, or construct servers, workstations, etc. quickly and efficiently. This design keeps our response times down and your up time up.

We: don’t require year or more long contracts, only have a minimum 3 month term, believe in our product and think you will to. Our MSP program will make your desktops and servers perform better, last longer, and get you much faster response times. Since we don’t like being bound with agreements it figures you don’t either. This product sells itself and as such there’s no need to force you into a contract. Our 3 month term is strictly due to the amount of time invested. Bringing your system online with our services and tuning your environment to suit your needs takes some time.

Need to download an agent? You must contact our office to place you into the right management container. Failure to do so will cause the managed services engine to categorize your machine incorrectly which could lead to several issues with your workstation.