January 28, 2016

Cloud Backup

Backup SafeDid you know that the cost of hardware is only a fraction of value in your server or workstation. Our disaster recovery and offsite backup options will give you peace of mind. In the event of an emergency we can restore you machine in the cloud, onsite, on a virtual machine (vm) or just about anywhere, anytime. We have backup packages that can backup all content of your server or workstation every 15 minutes down to a single backup per day. All of our hosted environment runs on multiple fiber optic trunks. This gives us the throughput required to complete large backups and large restores simultaneously without disrupting other systems in those processes as well.

Disaster Recovery via Cloud Backup:

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) policies and procedures allow you know what is going and where it’s happening. This helps with planning, development, production and several other areas of the company. Disaster recovery is more like an insurance policy. You never know when you’ll need it but if the time comes and you don’t have it all processes of your company will be impacted.

  • For dollars a day we can encrypt your data with industry standard AES encryption.
  • Hold vm appliances on standby should the need ever rise.
  • Bare metal restores can be completed on physical hardware, new servers, cloud services.

The most intangible pros to having a dr & backup plan in place:

  • Restore promptly
  • HIPAA Compliance

In current Disaster Recovery plans we offer all of the above and few other items.