January 28, 2016

Digital Signage Systems

digital-signageShowcase your team, products, clients, about info, testimonials, latest posts from the blog, contact form, additional calls to action. All can be updated via easy to manage web panel. Being that digital signage can be updated simultaneously you update all locations at once or each one individually based on your requirements.

We’re sure you have seen digital signage before but may not have even realized it. The last time you went to McDonald’s, Burger King, The Hospital, The Airport, etc. you were probably looking right at how Digital Signage works. We help create a layout and overlay, map that overlay to a template. Map a display to a template and assign the update interval. This keeps it simple. One change to a template or layout and you can apply to all of your screens simultaneously. This not only simplifies but cuts down dedicated time required to keep systems up to date.

Our services are affordable and cloud hosted. We run the servers in our data centers throughout North America. We can help setup your digital signage as well as maintain it for you. With our web based design tools you can administrate it without us as well. Using true open source clients and servers we can offer quality services at decent prices. These system are quite capable and can obtain information from almost any database including but not limited to MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and several others. The best part is that the digital part of the signage can be changed on the fly decreasing print costs and becoming more informative for your employees and customers.

Based on requirements and frequency of updates there are pricing differences. For a demonstration of what we can do or to get more info on pricing please feel free to contact us. We have several system deployed through out the US. They can assembled and programmed here in Colorado Springs and shipped to almost any destination. Using your existing internet save installation by not requiring an onsite arrangement (although that is available should you so choose).